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MEP has been designing and building sand and gravel plants since the early 1980's.

MEPs plants are designed for each specific application and not just taken from the "catalogue".

Our engineers are hugely experiences in the design, supply, installation, start-up, operation and maintenance of these plants. MEP determine the best solutions for its customers and all plants are designed for the unique application it will be required to perform.

MEP specialise in resolving complex solutions with plants designed to remove heavy and lightweight contaminants, classify into numerous fractions without wasting valuable materials to waste streams. MEP will supply simple compact plants when the limitations are acceptable and reconfigure other manufacturers plants to provide the desired products.

MEP also has significant experience is handling wastewater, with our range of solid-liquid seperation equipment. MEP's decades of experience in the field have produced an extensive range of thickeners that are the most reliable and innovative in the market. As each plant has specific needs, MEP can supply reliable, heavy duty mechanisms to ensure optimal performance for all applications.

Our plants are designed with the purchaser and user in mind at the same time keeping the corporate accounts satisfied with attractive capital and operating costs.