Thickeners and Clarifiers

MEP Ltd supplies a comprehensive range of Thickeners and Clarifiers to satisfy most requirements and the designs are continually updated to meet today's standards and requirements.


The range is based on two mechanisms:

  • LSG Series Thickener rake Drive Mechanisms. A heavy-duty drive mechanism with automatic rake raise and lower.

The LSG Series comprises a spur gear and pinion drive system with automatic raise and lowering of the rake, specially designed to cope with fluctuations in the feed solids. The design is heavy-duty to deal with the rigours of mineral processing.

Mechanisms are available to accommodate various tank diameters up to 40 meters: -

  • X.L. Series Thickeners.  A heavy-duty but simple rake driving mechanism.

The XL Series provides a rotation only mechanism for less arduous duties were fluctuations in the feed rate to the thickener can be handled by a variable speed underflow pump.

This model has been designed to meet the demand for a rugged but simple and cost effective unit.


We offer a wide range of standard, as well as, custom designed tank designs including:

  • Mild steel conical (HC).
  • Mild steel conventional with sloping base.
  • Mild steel conventional with flat base.
  • Mild steel shell walls mounted on a concrete base.

The units can also be manufactured to fit a concrete tank provided by the customer.


The following points are worth noting:

  • The feed rate to a Thickener and the settling rate of the solids will vary.
  • Larger thickeners are better able to cope with higher feed rates.
  • A larger Thickener will generally require less operator attention.
  • You are unlikely to complain your thickener is too big.?
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Horses 2

Nam eros eros, tempor ac hendrerit a, placerat vitae augue.

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